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Find the Strongest Buyers
for Your Business

Advanced marketing strategies and technology to find buyers for your business.

20+ Years of Buying, Selling, and Operating Businesses





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Who We Work With...

Jason's supreme knowledge and know-how coupled with a genuine desire and interest in teaching and helping others as well as his determined work ethic - an unwavering willingness to do whatever is required in the moment - make him a powerful force in the business, marketing and leadership world.

Chris B, WI

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Collaborative Commercial

To empower buyers to discover exceptional deals faster and sellers to connect with qualified buyers swiftly.
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Why Choose Collaborative Commercial?

We believe there is a better way to do business! 

If you're like most business or commercial real estate owners, you've probably asked yourself, "why do I need a broker or agent?" While we provide access to some of the most popular brokering marketplaces, we don't believe access to these platforms is enough.

Instead, we think like top-tier expert Marketers because that's what we are. Our Marketing Strategies, tactics, and execution have been developed over the past 20 years; the tools we use are unique to our firm and not readily accessbile to most real estate agents and business brokers.

In addition to powerful Marketing, we're also experienced in business. We know Operations, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, and strategic business planning. We've operated Sole Proprietorships, LLCs, S-Corps, and Partnerships. We've launched, bought, sold, and licensed businesses, include those which included Commercial Real Estate. And, we're still active practitioners  in commercial real estate and business.

If you're looking for brokerage services backed by real business experience that you can leverage to your advantage, you've come to the right place! Learn more about us here.

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Let's Talk Superpowers

Every agent and firm has unique capabilities — here are some of ours...


Proactive Approach.

No, really! We provide all of our Commercial Real Estate and Business Brokering clients with a weekly report on the progress of your acquisition or sale. We are committed to moving your project towards completion and pivot our execution on a regular basis if necessary.


Marketing Strategy & Execution.

Our approach to Marketing comes directly from working for Startups and Early-Stage companies across the US and UK. This ultra-competitive environment required one simple outcome: to find customers. We've brought proven strategies to the world of Business Brokering and Commercial Real Estate and Business Brokering for you.


Data Wizardry.

We tap more than a dozen databases to obtain demographic, financial, and Intent-based datasets to find buyers and sellers for our clients with surgical precision. We market like Big Business because we use many of the same tools.


We Know Business.

Many agents and brokers have never operated a business of their own. We believe this is vital to helping you maximize your selling price. We're Sales & Marketing experts and have a strong foundational knowledge of Operations, Human Resources, and Finance.

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